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About Us

At PrepForMedSchool, we understand that the pathway to become a physician is an extremely tough road with plenty of obstacles. We are eager to help individuals not only achieve this goal, but to prepare them for the next step as well. PrepForMedSchool is working to complete this objective by developing content that covers a wide range of medical school related topics that will make the process from applying to medical schools, entering residency programs and beyond become less complicated and more transparent.

PrepForMedSchool looks forward to strengthening your knowledge and alleviating your concerns with our blog posts that breaks down a variety of in-depth subjects into an easy-to-digest manner. We will generate our content with the assist from different individuals along the medical career path, ranging from prospective students to attending physicians. Their experience and insight into specific scenarios will empower you to make informed decisions along the way. Stay tuned as PrepForMedSchool continue to knock down the medical barriers and provide guidance to those with a passion for medicine and helping people!

If you wish to contact us, please shoot us an email at contact[at]prepformedschool.com

Writers Of Prep For Med School

Bilal Moiz – Currently enrolled in the MD/PhD program at the University of Maryland.

Tiffany Dao – Currently an emergency medicine resident in New York City.

Dhavel Chauhan – Currently a podiatry student at Barry University.

Megan Ziemer – Megan is a practicing podiatrist.

Laureen Chan – Currently a first-year medical student.

Alexa Smith – Alexa is a premedical student who graduated from Case Western University degrees in Biology and German. She took the MCAT in 2019 and scored in the 99th percentile!

In addition to the regular contributors above, we also have articles from guest authors.

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