SDN Data Sorted by Average MCAT, GPA, and LizzyM - Prep For Med School

All data gathered below from Student Doctor Network based on information provided by enrollees and thus might not match statistics provided by individual schools or the AAMC.

Please note that the data may be less accurate for some schools as there is not a big enough dataset.

SchoolStateAvg GPAAvg MCATAvg LizzyMProgram
Yale School of MedicineConnecticut3.851874.1Allopathic (MD)
Wright State University Boonshoft School of MedicineOhio3.650765.4Allopathic (MD)
Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of MedicineMichigan3.651367.9Allopathic (MD)
West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center School of MedicineWest Virginia 3.850767.0Allopathic (MD)
Weill Cornell Medical CollegeNew York3.851571.8Allopathic (MD)
Wayne State University School of MedicineMichigan3.751168.4Allopathic (MD)
Washington University-St. Louis School of MedicineMissouri3.852075.4Allopathic (MD)
Washington University of Health and Science (Belize)Ohio3.550965.0Allopathic (MD)
Washington State University - Elson S. Floyd College of MedicineWashingtonN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center School of MedicineNorth Carolina 3.651166.8Allopathic (MD)
Virginia Tech Carilion School of MedicineVirginia3.551367.0Allopathic (MD)
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center School of MedicineVirginia3.750867.0Allopathic (MD)
Vanderbilt University School of MedicineTennessee3.951874.7Allopathic (MD)
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public HealthWisconsin3.851369.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Western Ontario Schulich School of Medicine & DentistryOntario 3.751369.0Allopathic (MD)
University of West Indies Faculty of Medical Science (Trinidad Caribbean)St.Augustine N/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Washington School of MedicineWashington3.550563Allopathic (MD)
University of Virginia School of MedicineVirginia3.951673.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Vermont College of MedicineVermont3.851571.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Utah School of MedicineUtah3.650966.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Toronto Faculty of MedicineQuebec3.951472.4Allopathic (MD)
University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life SciencesOhio3.750967.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Medical SchoolTexas3.951471.5Allopathic (MD)
University of Texas Rio Grand Valley School of MedicineTexasN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Texas Medical School-HoustonTexas3.851168.7Allopathic (MD)
University of Texas Medical Branch-GalvestonTexas3.850667.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Texas - Dell Medical SchoolTexas3.851270.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine-MemphisTennessee 3.750966.9Allopathic (MD)
University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine (Hungary)HungaryN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Sydney Medical School (Australia)SydneyN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Southern California Keck School of MedicineCalifornia3.751772.0Allopathic (MD)
University of South Florida Morsani College of MedicineFlorida3.851169.0Allopathic (MD)
University of South Dakota Sanford School of MedicineSouth Dakota3.850968.0Allopathic (MD)
University of South Carolina School of Medicine GreenvilleSouth CarolinaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of South Carolina School of MedicineSouth Carolina 3.650564.3Allopathic (MD)
University of South Alabama College of MedicineAlabama3.650966.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Sherbrooke Faculty of Medicine and Health SciencesQuebecN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Saskatchewan College of MedicineSaskatchewanN/A509N/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Rochester School of MedicineNew York3.851470.8Allopathic (MD)
University of Puerto Rico School of MedicinePuerto Rico3.850062.5Allopathic (MD)
University of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePennsylvania3.951874.5Allopathic (MD)
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of MedicinePennsylvania3.852075.4Allopathic (MD)
University of Ottawa Faculty of MedicineOntarioN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Oradea Medical School (Romania)Romania, DurbanN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Oklahoma College of MedicineOklahoma 3.750967.4Allopathic (MD)
University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health SciencesNorth Dakota 3.750766.0Allopathic (MD)
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of MedicineNorth Carolina3.851168.9Allopathic (MD)
University of New Mexico School of MedicineNew Mexico3.750564.8Allopathic (MD)
University of Nevada Reno School of MedicineNevada3.650765.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Nevada Las Vegas School of MedicineNevadaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of MedicineNebraska3.851169.2Allopathic (MD)
University of Montreal Faculty of MedicineQuebecN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of MedicineMissouri3.750565.2Allopathic (MD)
University of Missouri School of MedicineMissouri 3.850967.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Mississippi Medical Center School of MedicineMississippi 3.750565.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Minnesota Twin Cities Medical SchoolMinnesota3.751369.2Allopathic (MD)
University of Minnesota Duluth Medical SchoolMinnesota 3.650765.4Allopathic (MD)
University of Michigan Medical SchoolMichigan3.851571.9Allopathic (MD)
University of Miami Miller School of MedicineFlorida3.851470.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolMassachusetts3.651167.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Maryland School of MedicineMaryland3.751168.4Allopathic (MD)
University of Manitoba Faculty of Health Sciences College of MedicineManitobaN/A514N/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Louisville School of MedicineKentucky3.650765.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Kentucky College of MedicineKentucky3.751167.9Allopathic (MD)
University of Kansas School of MedicineKansas 3.550965.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Iowa Carver College of MedicineIowa3.851369.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Illinois College of MedicineIllinois 3.651167.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Health Sciences Antigua School of MedicineIllinoisN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Hawaii at Manoa John A. Burns School of MedicineHawaii3.751168.1Allopathic (MD)
University of Florida College of MedicineFlorida3.851369.6Allopathic (MD)
University of Connecticut School of MedicineConnecticut 3.750967.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Colorado Denver School of MedicineColorado3.851572.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Cincinnati College of MedicineOhio3.751470.4Allopathic (MD)
University of Chicago Pritzker School of MedicineIllinois3.851874.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Central Florida College of MedicineFlorida3.851369.5Allopathic (MD)
University of California, Riverside - School of MedicineCaliforniaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of California San Francisco School of MedicineCalifornia3.851571.7Allopathic (MD)
University of California San Diego School of MedicineCalifornia3.751571.4Allopathic (MD)
University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School of MedicineCalifornia3.851772.8Allopathic (MD)
University of California Los Angeles / Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and ScienceCaliforniaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of California Irvine School of MedicineCalifornia3.751470.1Allopathic (MD)
University of California Davis School of MedicineCalifornia3.751369.1Allopathic (MD)
University of Calgary Cumming School of MedicineAlberta3.851169.2Allopathic (MD)
University of British Columbia Faculty of MedicineBritish ColumbiaN/A513N/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (New Zealand)AucklandN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of MedicineArkansas3.750766.2Allopathic (MD)
University of Arizona College of Medicine - TucsonArizona3.650765.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Arizona College of Medicine - PhoenixArizona3.751167.7Allopathic (MD)
University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & DentistryAlberta3.951472.0Allopathic (MD)
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of MedicineAlabama3.750967.2Allopathic (MD)
Universidad Central Del Caribe School of MedicinePuerto Rico 3.649658.8Allopathic (MD)
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine (Mexico)Texas3.049653.0Allopathic (MD)
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences F. Edward Hébert School of MedicineMaryland3.650966.0Allopathic (MD)
Tulane University School of MedicineLouisiana 3.551468.2Allopathic (MD)
Tufts University School of MedicineMassachusetts 3.751368.7Allopathic (MD)
Trinity School of Medicine (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)GeorgiaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical CollegePennsylvaniaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
The Commonwealth Medical CollegePennsylvania 3.750766.0Allopathic (MD)
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of MedicineTexas3.751167.5Allopathic (MD)
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of MedicineTexas3.650563.8Allopathic (MD)
Texas A & M University System Health Science Center College of MedicineTexas 3.750966.6Allopathic (MD)
Temple University School of MedicinePennsylvania3.7 51368.8Allopathic (MD)
Technion Israel Institute of Technology the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine (Israel)HaifaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
TCU and UNTHSC School of MedicineTexasN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
SUNY - Upstate Medical University College of MedicineNew York3.650966.4Allopathic (MD)
SUNY - University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical SciencesNew York3.851369.5Allopathic (MD)
SUNY - Stony Brook University School of MedicineNew York3.751872.0Allopathic (MD)
SUNY - Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine (Brooklyn)New York3.851872.7Allopathic (MD)
Stanford University School of MedicineCalifornia3.851772.7Allopathic (MD)
St. Matthew's University School of Medicine (Grand Cayman, Caribbean)FloridaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine (Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean)TexasN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
St. George's University School of Medicine (Grenada, Caribbean)New York3.450361.0Allopathic (MD)
Spartan Health Sciences University Spartan School of Medicine (Saint Lucia, Caribbean)Saint Lucia, CaribbeanN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Southern Illinois University School of MedicineIllinois3.749156.1Allopathic (MD)
San Juan Bautista School of MedicinePuerto Rico3.449355.3Allopathic (MD)
Saint Louis University School of MedicineMissouri 3.851370.4Allopathic (MD)
Sackler School of Medicine (Israel)New York 3.450562.0Allopathic (MD)
Saba University School of Medicine (Saba, Caribbean)Massachusetts 2.751058.0Allopathic (MD)
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolNew Jersey3.651167.4Allopathic (MD)
Rutgers New Jersey Medical SchoolNew Jersey 3.651368.3Allopathic (MD)
Rush University Rush Medical CollegeIllinois3.751167.5Allopathic (MD)
Ross University School of Medicine (Dominica, Caribbean)New Jersey3.249856.2Allopathic (MD)
Quinnipiac University School of MedicineConnecticut3.750765.7Allopathic (MD)
Queen's University School of MedicineOntario N/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Ponce Health Sciences University (Puerto Rico)Puerto Rico3.249353.0Allopathic (MD)
Pennsylvania State University College of MedicinePennsylvania 3.750766.3Allopathic (MD)
Oregon Health & Sciences University School of MedicineOregon3.651167.4Allopathic (MD)
Ohio State University College of MedicineOhio3.751571.0Allopathic (MD)
Oakland University William Beaumont School of MedicineMinnesota 3.850967.7Allopathic (MD)
Northwestern University Feinberg School of MedicineIllinois3.951874.7Allopathic (MD)
Northern Ontario School of MedicineOntario 3.8N/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Northeast Ohio Medical University College of MedicineOhio3.650765.4Allopathic (MD)
New York University School of MedicineNew York3.851772.9Allopathic (MD)
New York Medical CollegeNew York3.651368.0Allopathic (MD)
Morehouse School of MedicineGeorgia3.550361.6Allopathic (MD)
Michigan State University College of Human MedicineMichigan3.650563.9Allopathic (MD)
Mercer University School of MedicineGeorgia3.750565.0Allopathic (MD)
Memorial University Faculty of Medicine (Newfoundland)Newfoundland3.750967.0Allopathic (MD)
Meharry Medical College School of MedicineTennessee 3.550260.6Allopathic (MD)
Medical University of the Americas (Nevis, Caribbean)MassachusettsN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Medical University of South Carolina College of MedicineSouth Carolina3.751168.0Allopathic (MD)
Medical College of WisconsinWisconsin3.751168.0Allopathic (MD)
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta UniversityGeorgia 3.751168.3Allopathic (MD)
McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of MedicineOntario3.8N/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
McGill University Faculty of MedicineQuebecN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science - Arizona CampusArizonaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Mayo Clinic Alix School of MedicineMinnesota3.851471.0Allopathic (MD)
Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of MedicineWest Virginia 3.650564.0Allopathic (MD)
Loyola University Stritch School of MedicineIllinois3.651564.0Allopathic (MD)
Louisiana State University Shreveport School of MedicineLouisiana 3.750766.4Allopathic (MD)
Louisiana State University New Orleans School of MedicineLouisiana3.651167.0Allopathic (MD)
Long School of Medicine - University of Texas Health Science Center, San AntonioTexas3.751168.3Allopathic (MD)
Loma Linda University School of MedicineCalifornia3.750967.2Allopathic (MD)
LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra UniversityNew YorkN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Laval University Faculty of MedicineQuebecN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of MedicineCaliforniaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Johns Hopkins University School of MedicineMaryland3.951773.7Allopathic (MD)
Indiana University School of MedicineIndiana3.751168.4Allopathic (MD)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiNew York3.751772.0Allopathic (MD)
Howard University College of MedicineWashington, DCN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Hope Medical Institute (Poland)VirginiaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Harvard Medical SchoolMassachusetts3.851874.0Allopathic (MD)
Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall UniversityNew JerseyN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Georgetown University School of MedicineWashington DC3.651167.0Allopathic (MD)
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health SciencesWashington, DC3.750966.8Allopathic (MD)
Florida State University College of MedicineFlorida3.650564.0Allopathic (MD)
Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of MedicineFlorida3.751167.5Allopathic (MD)
Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of MedicineFlorida3.751469.5Allopathic (MD)
Emory University School of MedicineGeorgia3.751571.0Allopathic (MD)
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Auburn CampusVirginiaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Eastern Virginia Medical SchoolVirginia 3.450964.4Allopathic (MD)
East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of MedicineTennessee3.750565.2Allopathic (MD)
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Singapore)Singapore4.552284.0Allopathic (MD)
Duke University School of MedicineNorth Carolina3.751772.3Allopathic (MD)
Drexel University College of MedicinePennsylvania N/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Dartmouth Geisel School of MedicineNew Hampshire3.851572.0Allopathic (MD)
Dalhousie University Faculty of MedicineNova ScotiaN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
CUNY School of MedicineNew YorkN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Creighton University School of MedicineNebraska3.850967.7Allopathic (MD)
Cooper Medical School of Rowan UniversityNew JerseyN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Columbia University College of Physicians and SurgeonsNew York3.851874.2Allopathic (MD)
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western UniversityOhioN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Health SciencesIllinois3.550965.0Allopathic (MD)
Central Michigan University College of MichiganMichigan3.650765.3Allopathic (MD)
Central America Health Sciences University Belize Medical College (Belize, Caribbean)Belize, CaribbeanN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Case Western Reserve University School of MedicineOhio3.951674.0Allopathic (MD)
California University of Science and MedicineCalifornia3.751470.0Allopathic (MD)
California Northstate University College of MedicineCalifornia3.752479.0Allopathic (MD)
Brown University Warren Alpert Medical SchoolRhode Island3.751369.0Allopathic (MD)
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina UniversityNorth Carolina3.650966.0Allopathic (MD)
Boston University School of MedicineMassachusettsN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Ben-Gurion University - Medical School for International Health (Israel)New York3.550563.1Allopathic (MD)
Baylor College of MedicineTexas3.851773.4Allopathic (MD)
Avalon University School of MedicineOhioN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Aureus University School of Medicine (Aruba, Caribbean)New Jersey3.247235.0Allopathic (MD)
American University of the Caribbean (Saint Maarten, Caribbean)Florida3.250057.4Allopathic (MD)
American International School of Medicine (Guyana South America)GeorgetownN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
American Global University School of MedicineOhioN/AN/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
All Saints University School of Medicine (Dominica)IllinoisN/AN?AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva UniversityNew York3.8N/AN/AAllopathic (MD)
Albany Medical CollegeNew York3.649759.0Allopathic (MD)
A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic MedicineMissouri3.650363.0Osteopathic (OD)
A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in ArizonaArizona3.550563.0Osteopathic (OD)
Alabama College of Osteopathic MedicineAlabamaN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern UniversityArizona3.550763.8Osteopathic (OD)
Arkansas College of Osteopathic MedicineArkansasN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State UniversityNew MexicoN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
California Health Sciences University - College of Osteopathic MedicineCaliforniaN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic MedicineNorth CarolinaN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern UniversityIllinois3.650764.9Osteopathic (OD)
Des Moines University College of Osteopathic MedicineIowa3.650564.3Osteopathic (OD)
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Carolinas CampusSouth Carolina3.650261.5Osteopathic (OD)
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - VirginiaVirginia3.650262.0Osteopathic (OD)
Idaho College of Osteopathic MedicineIdahoN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic MedicineMissouriN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at BradentonFlorida3.550362.0Osteopathic (OD)
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at EriePennsylvania3.550362.0Osteopathic (OD)
Liberty University College of Osteopathic MedicineVirginia3.550865.0Osteopathic (OD)
LMU DeBusk College of Osteopathic MedicineTennessee3.350360.0Osteopathic (OD)
Marian University College of Osteopathic MedicineIndiana3.650261.7Osteopathic (OD)
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic MedicineMichigan3.650564.0Osteopathic (OD)
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic MedicineNew York3.650564.0Osteopathic (OD)
Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic MedicineFlo Rida3.450562.0Osteopathic (OD)
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic MedicineOhio3.750363.5Osteopathic (OD)
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences College of Osteopathic MedicineOklahoma3.650363.0Osteopathic (OD)
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic MedicineWashington3.450260.1Osteopathic (OD)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Georgia Campus)Georgia3.550562.5Osteopathic (OD)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia3.550562.6Osteopathic (OD)
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic MedicineColorado3.550563.0Osteopathic (OD)
Rowan University School of Osteopathic MedicineNew Jersey3.550563.4Osteopathic (OD)
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - New YorkNew YorkN/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine Mare IslandCalifornia3.550964.9Osteopathic (OD)
Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine Las VegasNevada3.450460.5Osteopathic (OD)
University of New England College of Osteopathic MedicineMaine3.550362.0Osteopathic (OD)
University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic MedicineTexas3.650564.0Osteopathic (OD)
University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic MedicineKentucky3.549859.0Osteopathic (OD)
University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic MedicineTexas3.449959.0Osteopathic (OD)
West Virginia School of Osteopathic MedicineWest Virginia3.450059.0Osteopathic (OD)
Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the PacificCalifornia3.650564.4Osteopathic (OD)
Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-NorthwestOregon3.650563.5Osteopathic (OD)
William Carey University College of Osteopathic MedicineMississippi N/AN/AN/AOsteopathic (OD)
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